About us

  • Leader in non-intrusive solutions for monitoring energy and multifluid consumptions.
  • Designing intelligent IOT sensors adapted to remote data reading for small buildings (residential buildings, retail stores, etc.).
  • Ideal for enriching ‘Energy Efficiency’ offers from energy suppliers and Smart Home/Building integrators
  • Strong innovation capacity on NILM algorithmic services
  • Multidisciplinary R & D team combining IoT / Deep Learning / Optical Reading skills
  • Discover our new video presentation of Fludia activity and products. It will give you an overview of our plug & play monitoring systems dedicated to energy consumption measurement, understanding and monitoring!



Smart Energy Components: technologies developed by Fludia are dedicated to the collect, analysis and display of energy consumption.

  • More than 60000 meters measured thanks to our Fludiameters
  • More than 4000 load curves processed by Fludia’s software technology

Fludia designs innovative solutions for energy control in buildings.

Our Fludia groundwork technology is distinguished using IOT sensors for the universal collection of multifluid data on any general meter (with variable measuring frequency - 1mn, 10mn, 15mn, 1h -), coupled with algorithmic modules for main equipment detection and electricity breakdown by appliance.

These plug & play and non-intrusive technological bricks are particularly useful for energy suppliers and integrators of Smart home/Building solutions who can quickly deploy innovative energy-efficient solutions.

In a highly competitive market, they provide a unique and essential point of differentiation for the acquisition and improvement of client engagement.

With measurement solutions proven on more than 60,000 energy meters and several thousand load curves analyzed, Fludia has been identified as a European expert in energy efficiency.


Fludia joins the best of French industry by joining the FRENCH FAB community.
Proud of our Made In France know-how, we are now part of this collective whose values ​​and commitments we share such as innovation, modernization and adaptation.
We are very happy to participate and to share the values ​​of this collective which advocates excellence, innovation and sustainability of French industry.
Find us on https://www.lafrenchfab.fr/ entreprise/fludia/

- French Fab, what is it?
Launched in 2017 by Bruno LEMAIRE, the French Fab is the banner of French industry on the move. It is a label that unites the French industry family and strengthens the promotion of French industry abroad.
Supported by the State, the Regions, and professional federations, the French Fab and its members embody the desire to develop French industry. An innovative, exporting industry open to developments brought about by digital technology, new technologies and the green economy.
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2018 - FUSINI project

The FUSINI project (FUSion of Non-Intrusive Indicators) consists of developing an embedded system for merging multifluid energy data. The goal is to achieve local data analytics using a combination of local data (Linky, Gaspar, traditional meters, plug & play mini-sensors) and to generate high-value content, directly usable by Smart Monitoring solutions.

The aim of the project is therefore to produce highly enriched multifluid contents for residential consumers, in order to create a greater commitment.
The project is accompanied by ADEME as part of the Innovation Competition from the Investments for the Future program.

2016 - EFFIGINI project

EFFIGINI, Fludia’s non-intrusive energy efficiency sector project, has been nominated as one of the winners of the PME Initiative (IPME) -"Intelligent Electrical Systems" from the Investments in the Future Program managed by ADEME

Enabling very simple monitoring of electricity consumption in housing and catering establishments, EFFIGINI involves the implementation of an informative and inexpensive solution for the automatic collection and analysis of electricity consumption flows.

The plug & play solution interfaces the new Sigfox and Lora IoT networks with existing electricity meters (Linky or other older meters) and integrates an ergonomic and interactive consumption analysis system with the option of customization and feedback generation.