In this section you will find all Fludia sensors using Sigfox technology for the transmission of electricity consumption data and enabling fast and low-cost remote reading.

FM420 - IoT Sigfox Sensor – Electricity

  • Plug & Play: non-intrusive optical reading technology
  • Communication: ensured connectivity to Sigfox network
  • Self-powered: up to 8 years
  • Customized: multiple versions (10 or 15mn, 1h) adapted to your remote reading requirement
Examples of implementation
  • Office building (medium-sized buildings 500 to 1000 m²): smart monitoring (detection of energy savings) and budget optimization (power adjustment)
  • Residential: budget monitoring
  • Public lighting: optimization of maintenance and operating contracts
  • Photovoltaic installations: monitoring of production and consumption
  • FM420 (for electronic and electromechanical meters)