FM232e - IoT LoRa Local Sensor - Electricity on meters

FM232e – IoT LoRa Local Sensor – Electricity

  • Plug & Play: non-intrusive optical reading technology, easy and quick to install, no electric contact
  • Universal: compatible with all electricity meters (with blinking LED or rotating disk)
  • Customized: multiple versions (1mn, 10mn, 15mn) adapted to you remote reading requirement
  • Accurate: power load curve in Watts, with 1-minute time step
  • Designed and manufactured in France


FM232e is an IoT LoRa sensor for electricity consumption monitoring with a 1-minute, 10-minutes or 15-minutes time step (option to be selected). The sensor consists of an optical reading head (to be installed on the existing main electricity meter) and a radio box (also including batteries). It connects locally to an F-Link micro-bridge (not included) through a specific local Lora radio protocol and sends the electricity curve at regular intervals.

The sensor only transmits messages to an F-Link micro-bridge (to be purchased separately). Up to 10 sensors can be registered on a single F-Link. The F-Link micro-bridge receives these radio messages and forwards to Fludia data collect server, by means of the existing Internet connection. The F-Link can connect to the existing Internet box (DHCP protocol) through one of these two means: Wifi (F-Link can be provided with the Wifi password with the help of a smartphone or a PC) or provided Ethernet cable.

Data can be retrieved from the data collect server either through the API or by connecting to the dashboard and manually downloading a file for a selected period of time. An FTP solution can also be provided.

LoRa local technology

Technical characteristics

  • Optical reading head compatible with electronic electricity meters (with a blinking LED) and electromechanical electricity meters (traditional meters with rotating disk)
  • LoRa radio – 868MHz – Specific Local LoRa point to point protocol compatible with F-Link micro-bridge (to be purchased separately)
  • 1-minute option: data message every 20 minutes, including twenty 1-minute successive values
  • 10-minutes option: data message every 2 hours, including eight 10-minutes successive values
  • 15-minutes option: data message every 2 hours, including eight 15-minutes successive values
  • Data decoding and storage included for 3 years (Fludia data collect server)
  • Supervision dashboard access included for 3 years (sensor fleet visualization, communication/data quality monitoring)
  • Data collection API included for 3 years
  • After the first three years, possible to switch to a completely autonomous mode (i.e. bypass Fludia data collect server)
  • Battery: 2 replaceable Lithium 3.6V batteries
    • Lifetime for electronic meters: 4.5 years for 1-minute option, 9 years for 15-minute option
    • Lifetime for electromechanical meters: 3.5 years for 1-minute option, 5 years for 15-minute option
  • Optical head size: 46 x 29 x 17mm / Weight: 18g
  • Battery box size: 94 x 74 x 30mm / Weight (without batteries): 76g


  • FM232e_1mn
  • FM232e_10mn
  • FM232e_15mn
  • F-Link micro-bridge
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