optical sensors

Optical sensors

The sensors, designed and developed by Fludia, are communicating objects dedicated to the recovery of consumption information, by detecting visual indicators present on the meters (diode, rotating parts, roll numbers …) and turning them into useful information.

They include an embedded intelligence and communication abilities. We want our sensors to consume very little for their battery to last several years. We also have to imagine devices and methods for positioning and fixing that are both universal (all meters) and very easy to install.

graph with electricity load curve

NILM technology (Non-intrusive load monitoring)

Fludia technology in the field of analysis algorithms focuses on the interpretation of consumption curves (typically for electricity, gas or water), obtained from measurements taken at regular intervals.

Analysis algorithms are used to automatically detect, from the collected measurements, clues of equipment running in order to identify overconsumption or technical anomalies. The methods used are from the “machine learning”, of which a major application is to have a computer perform complex recognition tasks, such as the detection and recognition of faces, license plates, handwriting, speech etc..

The analysis engine developed by Fludia builds on these specialized algorithms to provide, automatically, useful information to help identify equipment overconsumption, to optimize rates and bills and more generally to understand where and how to act for better energy management.

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