FM411 - 2G IoT connected datalogger - on meters

FM411 – 2G Connected Datalogger – Electricity

  • Universal: compatible with all electricity meters (with blinking LED or rotating disk)
  • Plug & Play: easy and quick to install, optical reading of electricity meters, no electric contact, SIM card included
  • Accurate: power load curve in Watts, with 1-minute time step
  • Autonomous: up to 6 years (battery included)
  • Designed and manufactured in France


FM411 is a plug&play IoT datalogger for electricity consumption measurement. It has been specifically designed for logging and monitoring load curve data in small and medium buildings. It is a plug & play solution thanks to its non-intrusive optical reading technology. The high resolution load curve (1mn) is very useful to unders-tand energy consumption in detail (detection of main loads, standby levels, peak values, inactivity periods…).

IoT datalogger (2G) recording a 1-minute load curve, consisting of an optical reading head and a battery box (also containing the memory unit). Data file delivery through API (or manual download in csv format).

FM411 - 2G IoT connected datalogger

Technical characteristics

  • FM411e: Optical reading head compatible with electronic electricity meters (with a blinking LED)
  • FM411m: Optical reading head compatible with electromechanical electricity meters (traditional meters with rotating disk)
  • 2G connectivity – 1nce SIM card included (10 years data)
  • 1 month data storage in the product memory
  • Data file delivery through API (or manual download in csv format)
  • Internal battery 3,6V – Lithium size D included (easily repleacable)
  • Battery Lifetime: up to 6 years
  • Optical head size: 46 x 29 x 17mm / Weight: 18g
  • Battery box size: 172 x 80 x 48mm / Weight (without batteries): 311g


  • FM411e_1mn for electronic meters
  • FM411m_1mn for electromechanical meters
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