electricity and temperature pack

Electricity and Temperature Pack – IoT LoRa Local Sensors

  • Plug & Play: non-intrusive technology, easy and quick to install
  • Universal: compatible with all electricity meters (with blinking LED or rotating disk)
  • Connected: Long Range radio between the FM232 sensors and an F-Link
  • Customized: multiple versions (1mn or 15mn) adapted to you remote reading requirement
  • Accurate: power load curve in Watts, 1-minute or 15-minutes time step, temperature series in tenth of Celsius degrees
  • Designed and manufactured in France


The Electricity & Temperature Pack (1 minute or 15 minutes – option to be selected) is a Plug&Play multi-sensors solution for Electricity and Temperature monitoring. Dedicated to small and medium buildings, this pack includes an FM232e sensor (electricity consumption measurement from existing meter), an FM232t sensor (temperature measurement) and an F-Link micro-bridge. The FM232 sensors regularly transmit data messages including several successive measurement values through a specific local Lora radio protocol.

  • FM232t IoT LoRa sensor for temperature monitoring consists of a radio box including a temperature sensing component and 2 batteries.
  • FM232e IoT LoRa sensor for electricity monitoring consists of an optical reading head (to be installed on the existing main electricity meter) and a radio box (also including batteries).
  • F-Link micro-bridge receives data messages from one or several FM232 IoT sensors and forwards them to an existing Internet Box through Wifi or Ethernet cable.
LoRa local technology

Technical characteristics

  • FM232e: Optical reading head compatible with electronic electricity meters (with a blinking LED) and electromechanical electricity meters (traditional meters with rotating disk)
  • FM232t: IoT indoor temperature sensor, temperature series in tenth of Celsius degrees
  • LoRa radio – 868MHz – Specific Local LoRa point to point protocol compatible with F-Link micro-bridge
  • 1-minute option: data message every 20 minutes, including twenty 1-minute successive values
  • 15-minutes option: data message every 2 hours, including eight 15-minutes successive values
  • Data decoding and storage included for 3 years (Fludia data collect server)
  • Supervision dashboard access included for 3 years (sensor fleet visualization, communication/data quality monitoring)
  • Data collection API included for 3 years
  • After the first three years, possible to switch to a completely autonomous mode (i.e. bypass Fludia data collect server)
  • Batteries: replaceable Lithium 3.6V batteries
  • FM232e:
    • Optical head size: 46 x 29 x 17mm / Weight: 18g
    • Battery box size: 94 x 74 x 30mm / Weight (without batteries): 76g
  • FM232t:
    • Size: 94 x 74 x 30mm
    • Weight (without batteries): 76g 
  • F-Link:
    • Power supply: 230V/5V adapter (included)
    • Size: 94 x 74 x 30mm
    • Weight: 76g


  • Electricity and Temperature Pack:
    • FM232e_1mn or FM232e_15mn
    • FM232t
    • F-Link micro-bridge
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